Enrichment Classes



Dance- The children have a chance to learn the wonderful style of ballet with Mrs. Lorraine who began her dance journey at a young age too! As Mrs. Lorraine said “Dance truly is a wonderful way for us to express our inner passion, elevate our self confidence and believe in our abilities.”






Soccer- This class is a high-energy soccer program with principled instruction wrapped in fun. It is the coaches motivation to impact children in both soccer education and character development with application to all areas of children’s lives. They are motivated by a desire to see kids experience the game of soccer and to enjoy the rewards that participation in the game offers.





Compuchild– Sixty percent of today’s students will have careers that do not exist today. How can you best prepare them for an uncertain future? Experts generally agree students need to learn the “4 Cs” – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity and have a strong foundation in STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). In this computer class, the children develop valuable life skills, build positive character traits, expands their knowledge, and encourages children to pursue STEAM degrees which offer jobs in high demand, higher income earning potential, and ability to make an impact on society, build communities and transform the world.

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