Thank you for your interest in Montessori School of Orlando! Our school offers the unique opportunity to provide your child with an unequaled early education using the Montessori method. There are two required parts to the admissions process at Montessori School of Orlando:

The Application

Download an application for admission for the school year. Please fill it out and return it to us as soon as possible. After you have completed the application, we will call you and schedule a time for:

The School Visit

You and your child will come to the school during a time when class is not in session for an approximately twenty-minute period. This will give you and your child an opportunity to experience the classroom with one of the teachers and will give the teacher the opportunity to get to know you and your child. You may or may not be joined by another family visiting at the same time. This is not a college interview; we want you and your child to feel relaxed and comfortable and enjoy your visit! Additionally, although not required, we recommend you schedule a:

Parent Observation

You are invited to visit the school at a scheduled time to observe the class in session. This is a time for a parent to come alone, so that you can really experience the work cycle of the children. You are welcome to come for an observation any time in the application process; just call us for an appointment to do so. The observation is not a required part of the application process. After your application is received and your school visit is complete, you will be notified as to the status of your child’s admission. We look forward to hearing from you, and we urge you to contact us with questions or comments anytime. To find out the tuition and fee schedule for the 2014-2015 school year, click here.

Download Enrollment Form

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